Band Development 3rd-6th Fridays 6:15pm

Germany 2010


Fridays 6:15-7:30pm

This class is a great opportunity for young ‘wanna be rockers’ to develop the skills and understanding of what it takes to be in a band.  Each week is an exciting time to come together and experience each others hard work and skills as they create music!

If your student plays the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, bass guitar, sings, or other (instruments) we provide the opportunities and direct them in how to be a band.   All students will need to have taken or in the process of taking private lessons in the instrument of their choice.

Song choices for the band are pre-selected contemporary worship songs, preparing the student for possible stage opportunities. We also desire to keep our music positive and mainstream neutral, so parents feel comfortable about the message their child is hearing through the music.

We ask that you contact us so we can dialogue about your child’s skill level in order to verify that it would be a good fit for them at this time in their musical life.

Contact:  Janice Jones (678-405-2180)

$95 per month