Piano 3rd-6th Grade (Group) Beginner Mondays 3:30pm

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Piano 3rd-6th (Group Beginner)
Monday 3:30-4:15pm
August 14th-November 27th


Beginning Piano is a great step into the world of music!  Piano is a fundamental instrument preparing students for other instrumentation and Impact has a plan that will make it fun for the student and cost effective for the parent!

Our beginner class is taught through group lessons!  Each child has their own piano (in class) and is taught by professional instructors that engage the students in all aspects of learning the piano at a pace and depth that the students enjoy.   Having them begin piano in a group setting allows the students to not feel as pressured or on the spot as a ‘private lesson’ would be, and also provides the students group interaction that creates a fun atmosphere for learning.

The group lesson is also a great benefit to the parents as the cost is much more economical since there is a 1:4 teacher student ratio.  This will allow your child to investigate their interest of piano without the risk of spending large amounts of money on private lessons.

We do recommend private lessons but only after the student develops to a specific level and you ‘the family’ decide it is an instrument that you want to persue at a deeper level.

Students will receive weekly practice assignments and expected to come to class prepared in order to not hold back other students.  Parents will be given instruction on specific piano books that will need to be purchased for their weekly assignments.  Impact will supply the students keyboards at classes, but expects all students to have a piano or keyboard at home for practice.  We can recommend a keyboard if you need.

$145 for semester