Vocal Development 1st-2nd Wednesdays 3:30pm

Germany 2010


‘Impact Voices’ Vocal/Performance Training 1st-2nd
Wednesday 3:30-4:15pm
August 15th-November 28th


Our exciting vocal instruction class merges two dynamic styles of vocal development into one high-energy hour each week! First, your children will learn the fundamentals of singing and performance under the bright lights of a contemporary, live stage. In addition, they will broaden their opportunities to experience worship leading through our new choir for combined 1st-5th grade singers, known as ‘Impact Voices’.

Our goal is to empower your young singer in a positive and encouraging way that equips them with the skills to grow as musicians and leaders, understanding how their voices reflect their hearts in worship. Through uplifting, contemporary music, they will learn techniques for singing on stage, handling a microphone, and performing confidently in front of a crowd.

This highly successful program MEETS WEEKLY allowing kids the opportunity to accelerate their development as young musicians and worship leaders. We are excited to offer the added bonus of featuring the singers of Impact Voices on our Main Auditorium Stage, joining voices with nationally renowned Worship Leaders and Musicians!


($90 for semester)