Guitar -Suzuki (Private) K-12th Any Skill Level

Guitar Suzuki (Private Lessons)
Available Year Round

Suzuki Guitar (yes, four years old and up) is a successful, classical guitar method with nearly 75 years of research and development to support itself. Through this method, we will develop your child’s musical ability in a natural way by surrounding them with a warm, caring, and musically-rich environment. We create this environment through weekly individual lessons, group lessons, as well as through guided practice at home. In these lessons, your child will receive a strong, classical foundation that includes learning by ear, developing a solid repertoire, understanding music theory, sight reading, various finger picking styles, and many more fundamental elements introduced in a fun manner.

Even though this method is classically based, the solid musical and technical base that we provide ultimately prepares your child for any type of guitar playing. With continuous lessons, the Suzuki method was designed to place your child on a track eventually leading to collegiate-level guitar playing. Ultimately, the Suzuki method is not just about making your a child a better musician with a deeply instilled love for their instrument, but also about developing a beautiful heart within them.

Students will be expected to bring their own guitars (DO NOT buy them ahead of time–the teacher will guide you in purchasing an appropriate guitar). Students must practice on a daily basis outside of their individual lessons. Parents are expected to attend the lessons of their child (relative to their child’s age) in order to help their child succeed.


PRIVATE LESSONS AVAILABLE:  Call Janice Jones, 678-405-2180