Guitar Acoustic 3-5th (Group) Beg Wednesdays 5:15pm


Guitar Acoustic 3-5th (Group)
Wednesdays 5-5:45pm
August 16th-November 29th


Beginning guitar is an exciting way for any student to begin the process of learning guitar through active and collaborative methods.  The goal of the class is to allow the student to become familiar with chords, strumming, and other valuable basics as they begin their instrumental journey.  This class prepares them to begin to play along with songs using chord progressions and sustaining rhythm.

The classes are group classes with a 1:4 ratio.  Students will need to bring their own guitars.  Students will receive weekly assignments, and they will also be expected to practice during the week so they will not hold others back within the class.

Group guitar class is a huge hit with the students!  The dynamic creates a fun atmosphere of interaction, questions, and dialogue.  Students enjoy this arrangement as they work together to progress and do not feel as under pressure as an individual lesson.  This class is highly recommend for anyone investigating guitar for their child, with minimum cost for the parents.


($145 for semester)