Olivia Stein

As an accomplished young vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, Olivia Stein has performed in a variety of musical theater productions and masterclasses. She has starred in several significant roles such as Meg in LITTLE WOMEN (2015) and Rapunzel in INTO THE WOODS (2014), and has sung in masterclasses with Todd Thomas and Daniel Weeks. Olivia Stein studied abroad with Yvonne Schiffelers at the Conservatory of Music in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and recently completed her Bachelor’s of Music in Vocal Performance from Covenant College in Georgia.

Additionally, Olivia has passionately pursued the art of playing classical guitar for the past thirteen years. Previously, she played in a masterclass for the renowned Assad Brothers. A certified Suzuki Classical Guitar Teacher, Olivia thoroughly enjoys performing and teaching voice, guitar, and piano, and is dedicated to investing in the next generation of musicians.